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Areiya’s attemps to make friends with the wild woodland creatures were definitely being continually met with the ironic reality that every single play she had seen or fairy tale she had read in her life really was but a fantasy and a dream. It wasn’t that she intended to outright give up her attempts so easily, but it was definitely in the back of her mind taking note of every single daydream of singing birds on hands in the middle of dawn she had ever had  just before they began crashing hard.

As both Tokotas before her began shifting, Areiya knew her recent attempt had clearly not worked for either of them. Not that the long haired one was going to outright bow to her whims, but certainly that didn’t mean he couldn’t be inclined to any form of acceptance on either level.

One thing was for certain, however. The dark charcoaled one was seemignly intent on making the merled patched Dire handle the problem himself rather than dirtying his paws with it. There was an intelligent gleam in that one’s eye and it struck the healer as odd that she might have expected anything else out of him, especially since she was giving so much credit to the Tokota that she had been following for a good portion of her day. Just what could she really say to that one?

Truth told, nothing. And somehow, the healer still felt that she wasn’t quite willing to give up. Once again, she’d come too far. There were too many steps walked, too many paths crossed and in the end, the object of her desire was right in front of her in all of his glorious furred existence.

Raising her gaze to meet the grey Tokota’s, she dipped her head respectfully to him. Attempting ot convey what she was thinking to either of them was difficult when they both used such radically differnt languages in life, but she was certainly going to have to try. She smiled at him before turning back to “Patch’ and smiled at him encouragingly.  Minutes passed as the two met gazes, focused solely on the other as though the world stood truly still for an eternity.  

For Areiya, it was more than an eternity. He was skittish to be certain, but the fact that he hadn’t run too far for her to follow struck her as more than odd and al ittle flattering. She wouldn’t be able to express that to him, but she had to wonder if he didn’t want to be caught at some point. Anyone could use a friend to be certain, but some Tokota just seemed to need to have a human at their side. Not for breeding or mastery, but just for the assurance that they had access to another world beyond theirs. That and she was relatively certain that some just enjoyed the feel of a human hand scratching behind their ears, but she wasn’t going to voice that out loud. This wasn’t the time to fill the air with noise, but rather, she focused hard on trying to keep his focus on her instead of running away.

This time had to be the time. She needed something to go well and right and she felt herself praying with every fiber of her being. It wasn’t a prayer to force him to accept her so much as one willing the luck of such an event to fall into her lap as neatly as anyone could wish. Those who did this for a living didn’t always have the perseverence she was evidently displaying today, and the dynamic between the two canines in front of her was fascinating. She wanted and needed to know more. Unwilling to give up, she stayed frozen in spot.

The presence of the clearly more dominant one seemed to soothe the submissive Patch, and Areiya found herself relating to such an event quite well. How many times had she felt better just for having Dan or another of her friends with her when things were turning hard?

That being said, their body language was subtle between each other as the tawny dire glanced at his companion. She could only guess what the numerous shifts, flipping of the ears and faint growls truly meant to the other - and for her. However, despite them being wild, she was more than certain by this point that as long as she didn’t behave idiotically, she wouldn’t be hurt by these two anymore than she would have hurt either of them.

This was one day which she was more than certain she would never forget. From getting lost to seeing what she could only call a true pack dynamic, Areiya was at once flattered and slightly overwhelmed. Her journal was going to be given numerous notes for the day once she made it back home, and all of them would likely center around these two and the experiences surrounding it. In fact, she didn’t regret it at all. If anything, she wished she had brought her sketch pad and pencil just to attempt to capture it - even if the attempt would be poor at best.

The pawing and communication done, both canine giants turned to look at her once more, their intelligent eyes seeming to judge her for all she was worth. Straightening herself upright, balancing herself on her toes, the healer found herself smiling again just as the black one once again nudged the merled beauty forward. Deal with this problem, he seemd to say. Deal with it so we can go home and be done with this. Choose.

Areiya stopped there, noting that she was putting ‘words’ effectively into their muzzles. The fact that she was doing so was more than amusing and her thoughts almost strayed to it. Almost.

Her train of thought was effectively broken as the merled male dire began to approach her, shyly. He snorted, sniffing her judgementally as his great muzzle loomed over the human. It was time for him to judge, surely, and make a choice. His lavender eyes merely watched every one of her movements, ready to pounce or flee at the slightest sign that he needed to do so, however at this point Areiya had to guess he was slightly curious as well. What else would choose to stalk a wild creature through the heart of his ‘home’ without knowing what she was doing?

She doubted she’d even managed to hide her trail half so well from anyone, much less something that could easily sniff her out with little to no effort.

Regardless of her feelings though, the healer began to reach out once again ready to be judged. The shadows beneath the trees were beginning to lengthen as the day turned closer towards the middle of the afternoon, and she knew she was losing time and opportunity to achieve the goal at her fingertips. That said, she was unwilling to budge as the muzzle that was as large as her torso leaned down to fully sniff her hair where the hood of her coat had slipped. It was there that she got first glimpse of just how large the teeth inside had to have been, but moreso, it also gave her that much curious opportunity to be allowed a chance to look at him up close.

This time, she said absolutely nothing. The choice and next move were entirely his and if she had to stay this way til evening, she was more than willing to do so.
Being Judged - Taming Attempt 6 WM15
Wild tokota's reference sheet (link or thumbnail)…
Handler name: Areiya
Faction (prestige breeder or pack leader): Pack Leader
Tribe (if any):Items or companions (if any): N/a
Previous attempts (if any):

1st Attempt:
2nd Attempt:
3rd Attempt:…
4th attempt:…
5th Attempt:…
6th Attempt: Here we are!

Bonuses: 2%+ increased chance for Pack Leaders
Cameo help from: :thumb560554078: (WM22) so 5% bonus here =D

I'll never give up! >D
Well, it was a different day and a different try at things that are more than likely a little out of her control. Attempts to tame the dires had been hit and miss at best, but Areiya was more than happy to keep trying as she was going forward in her day. They were more than worth the attempt and who knew what else she could find while she was out and about?

This time she was better prepared for getting lost in the woods. Map in hand, camping supplies over her shoulder and friends on alert if she didn’t appear by the end of a twenty four hour period. Sturdy boots on her feet, fluffy jacket surrounding a slender form and a better ‘I’m ready’ attitude than she had i n previous attempts, Areiya was on the road back into the forests on a chill but warmer day first thing in the morning.

It had probably taken an hour or two of marking her path and making her way through the trees, but the young woman was more than certainly doing her best to be at least two to three times more confident than she was in her last forey into stupidity. At least this time it was less stupidity and more exploration and if worst came worse, she did have rope. And blankets. And varying other necessities that didn’t need a list for her to remember she had them. At least that was what the young woman hoped. There were always exceptions to the rule, and Areiya could be a little more than scatter brained at times.

Either way however, Areiya was confident that this time she could handle herself and that was fully what she intended to do. Pumping her arm into a fist in the air was instantly satisfying, even if she had needed to pull it back down quickly to her side to avoid the branch that decided to take exception to a human’s arm defying nature - but that was ok. She didn’t hit it and the tree was left to grow another day while the healer went about her mission.

By the middle of the morning, Areiya had managed to locate an area with fresh running water and decided that it was as good a time as any to stop if only for a moment. There was no guarantee that she’d locate either of the tokotas she had seen previously, but there was always that little bit of hope deep in her chest that allowed her to cling to it like some sort of pesky bug that would be with her for days. In a sense it was poetic but reality struck harder, labeling her as stubborn. It was something she couldn’t argue.

Kneeling down by the water and removing her gloves from her hands, Areiya began splashing water on her face before drinking her fill, content with the refreshing feel of it going down her throat and wiping away what sweat might have been there. It was a fortunate discovery so early on and once finished, she set to marking it on not only her map but her path so that she could find her way back to it. Besides, leaving the marks also meant that she could be tracked if necessary and she had been made to promise she would do just that. No one could say she went back on her word!

Once finished with the task, her lips spread into a proud smile before the rustling of leaves and branches that broke in such a way that told her that whatever it was? Was making no attempt at all to hide what it was doing or that it was approaching.

Moments later revealed a muzzle of gloriously red fur, resulting in the young woman blinking in surprise. There were only a few truly red tokotas that she knew about and they were hard to find and expensive to try to get a puppy from. However, before her was a beautiful male who was lowering his head down to drink the water in front of him without a care in the world. She stared, transfixed for who knew how long until he lifted his head. A tongue rolled out the side of his muzzle as he shook himself out furiously, sending droplets of water into the air before he turned, running right into a low hanging branch.

He was goofy. He was large. And by god, he was adorable.

Areiya decided she must have a growing obssession with finding these darlings, but she was hardly willing to stop now. They clearly came in all shapes and sizes. Sure, she had come out here to find the dire tokotas, but this boy was too darling to pass up and if she could make friends with this one too, wouldn’t she truly be the lucky one?

Her moment of thought passed all too quickly, fading away abruptly as the red-furred beauty quickly caught sight of her. His eyes widened in surprise and he stumbled slightly, causing Areiya to cry out ‘Oh! Careful!”

Both figures froze, eyeing each other carefully as though afraid to make the first move. Once again, the healer found herself in that awkward position where she had to admit she couldn’t blame him for being worried or scared of the human sitting right in front of him. In fact, she supposed if the situations were reversed and she’d been a wild creature, she’d probably have done the exact same thign.

Well, either way she came to the determination. This boy here was the goal this time and maybe she’d be luckier than she had been with the other one she’d run into previously. At least this time her attempts wouldn’t be marred by the fact that she needed to gather supplies to bring back home. That was already done, so this was purely a ‘pleasure’ jaunt, right? Right.

SLowly pulling her glove off her right hand, Areiya spoke calmly and smoothly to the Tokota in front of her. “Hey there boy. I’m sorry I scared you. I promise I didn’t mean it. If you’re willing, come on over. I’ll make it up to you.”

Somehow. She HAD packed sandwiches with her again. Evidently these were going to be a theme for her when she came out on these trips, so she figured she may as well remain consistent right? How did normal tamers manage this sort of thing anyhow? It seemed to her like so many of the ones who did had tricks that no one else could figure out. Was it a knack for the personality?

Best she could figure was most of them either roped them into submission, cornered them with their other tokotas or just had the luck of the drawn straw. In this instance, Areiya prayed that the luck was with her fully at this time. The other two methods were definitely not going to work for her. Of that much she was MORE than certain!

The red haired boy moved slightly, seeming to approach her and earning an encouraging smile from her. Just a few more steps and she’d have a new friend, right?

However, despite her anticipation, she kept still as she could and did her best to not be threatening. With any luck, he’d sense that and allow her close. “C’mon boy. It’s ok. I’m right here and nothing is going to hurt you.”

And she truly meant it too.  The trick was just backing it up.
Trying to find a new friend - Attempt 1 WM19
Wild tokota's reference sheet (link or thumbnail):
Handler name:Areiya
Faction (prestige breeder or pack leader): Pack leader
Tribe (if any):Items or companions (if any): None
Previous attempts (if any):None

Well, here's try one for this boy! =D
The young woman heaved a greater sigh than she had before.There was definitely a strong feeling that she was becoming a little too obssessed with the mission before her of making friends with an oversized canine in the middle of nowhere while being lost on an overly long trip to the realms of not knowing where the hell she was. So, there were a few things that lead Areiya to thinking she had to think a little harder about what she was trying to do.

One, she was no longer entirely certain she was deserving of being a healer at this point. It wasn’t that she wasn’t good at the job. But there was a definite level of doubt to the fact that she could handle herself out here in this sort of manner. It wasn’t that she lacked training, but apparently the longer she allowed herself to stay alone in the wild amongst trees with only the snow and sky as her friends and companions, she could only guess that her mind was slipping a little closer to insanity.

How else could she explain the fact that she was kneeling beside a stream of water, head cocked up towards a dire bred Tokota with nothing but a smile on her face, water in her hand and literally no way she could react should the poor skittish creature decided that she was better off six feet under and forgotten about.

Considering he’d made no violent moves previously, Areiya supposed she should really just count herself lucky, right? However, it was her habit to continue to push her luck (thus the reason for her continuing to question her sanity). At some point today, she’d really have to decide that it really WAS ok to try to find her camp again. On the bright side, her stalking tendancies did not include talking down to Patch (or so she decided to call him temporarily). He was skittish, but he had to know by this point she really didn’t mean him any harm. Sure she kept appearing at his side, but beyond that, the healer hadn’t really done much to try to push him, harm him or otherwise insult the nobility she was witnessing before her. That had to score her a few points in the realm of humanity, right?

Of course, her imaginings didn’t count for reality. While ‘Patch’ may have been growing accostumed to the idiotic human that continued to appear in his path, the fact was that as with any wild animal, there wasn’t overly much to outright trust. He began shifting his weight, appearing to heavily consider the situation before him and if she had to guess, weighing his odds.

Areiya found herself wondering briefly if this was how guys who wanted to date her felt. That wide eyed look in the Tokota’s eyes spoke a little too closely to her heart and the way he was shifting around definitnely reminded her of when she was looking for an escape herself. Oh boy was irony….ironic.

“Oh, come on friend. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m very curious about you, but I’m not going to try to do anything you don’t really, truly want to do. Being friends is possible without compromising who you are you know.” And the irony continued. She was definitely aware that she was trying to shove herself down the ‘poor’ canine’s throat with her little adventure here. However, this little adventure was keeping her mind off her current mishaps and problems. Coming to that realization led her to believe that deep down she was definitely more than grateful to him for all of this. He might not have felt it, but she certainly did and she tried to smile encouragingly as a result.

Opening her mouth to try to encourage him to come closer, there was another cracking snap of a branch in the brushes nearby. As one, both the dire and woman looked to the side to behold what had to easily be one of the most beautiful tokotas Areiya had ever had the pleasure of seeing. The rippling black fur on the large male that had appeared was gloriously long and the way he held his head could only have been described as regal.

In awe, Areiya smiled faintly and said, “Aren’t you just glorious?”

What a stupid question, really. The black tokota knew that already. Once more with his head held high, he approached the merled male that stood but feet away and curled behind him and to the side, nudging the large tokota forward with a confidence that the healer suddenly envied.

Shifting her stance on her feet so that she could lean back, Areiya was ordered to a hault by the imperious growl errupting from the grey-black male before she glanced between the two before her. Side by side, they were different as night and day. The one she was seeking a friendship from dipped his head while the other watched her with one eye and the more submissive fellow with another.

“I’m not meaning any harm to either of you. I wanted to make friends, but that was it.” She held up her hands slowly. “I’d offer food but I already gave it to him, so I’m sorry, but I got lost. Then...I wanted to be friends.”

Once again, she slowly held her hand out towards the one she was referring to. “I’m sorry beautiful, but I really do want to make friends with this one first. I hope you forgive me. Though if Dan were with me, she’d be tripping over her feet over you. And I certainly can’t blame her.”

Her smile was at the black one while her words were truly sincere, intended solely for him as though either of these canine beauties could truly understand a word of the language she was speaking, but the earnest feelings she had were what she truly hoped hte merled boy understood and took to heart. It wasn’t the oversized black she wanted, but him. She had officially spent hours following him and she meant it. She’d care for him, spoil him, whatever he wanted really. But this journey would not have been possible without the mottled brown dire pain in the rear that was before her at the moment.

Raising her arms slowly towards ‘Patch’, Areiya leaned back willing him to accept her. Just a step in her direction, just a slow anything and she’d have been thrilled. Anything to show progress rather than having to run around everywhere was fit to send her over the moon. It was difficult, really, to express that. How she wished there was a power that would allow her to do so. The only thing she could really do at this point was hope that this time she got through. With the black one offering support to the mottled-furred beauty in front of her, there was only hope for the young healer that she’d manage it this time.

She could deal with her other problems afterwards, right? And the mocking. And the fact that she was more than certain someone was going to permanently tattoo a map on her arm so that this event would never happen again. That being said though, this was more important. This here was a once in a life time chance to be accepted by something wild and to be allowed the opportunity to create something special. She may not have known what sort of trouble she was opening for herself, but one thing WAS for certain.

There was no way Areiya was giving up now!
Living on a prayer - Taming Attempt WM15 number 5
Wild tokota's reference sheet (link or thumbnail)…
Handler name: Areiya
Faction (prestige breeder or pack leader): Pack Leader
Tribe (if any):Items or companions (if any): N/a
Previous attempts (if any):

1st Attempt:
2nd Attempt:
3rd Attempt:…
4th attempt:…
5th Attempt: We are here!

Bonuses: 2%+ increased chance for Pack Leaders
Cameo help from: :thumb560554078: (WM22) so 5% bonus here =D

And round...five! Here we go! (hooooping)
Patch, since it struck the young woman that he should be named that, took one sniff of the sandwich. Eyeing her carefully, he took what was offered before he snorted and began to turn to walk off. Humans were a nuisance to him, and there was no reason he should just outright be ok with one, right? In fact, it wasn’t much of a surprise (or shouldn’t have been much of one anyways) when he began to fidgit, eyeing Arieya carefully and suspiciously. What human just suddenly sprung gifts on something wild if they weren’t seeking something in return after all?

The healer took a mental note of just how dumb she was being before she stepped back once more just before a suspicious growl could be heard deep within the gut of the beast. Frowning, she raised her hands as though to show she meant him no harm for she truly did mean nothing of the sort. Of course, it’d only be all too difficult to try to get him to understand that since conversation and communication tended to be different between the species but it didn’t mean she couldn’t try right?

“Easy boy. Easy. I don’t mean anything by it and I’m not going to hurt you. I’ve done nothing to even try, now have I?” She was once more using that calm voice of hers, attempting to get him to relax. Sometimes it helped to hear kindness in the voice rather than just seeing a figure in front of you and Arieya was truly hoping that this would be the moment her efforts would pay off. It wasn’t such a long shot to think it could help in this instance, was it?

The tokota behaved something akin to a horse, starting to shy backwards as she made any sort of movement. The healer sighed, vaguely frustrated. THey HAD been getting along just fine before this moment, so what could possibly be the potential change?

It took a moment to fully assess it and when she had, she sighed again. Standing, she reached up to speak when there was a crack in the trees from the sound of a branch snapping. As one, canine and woman looked to the trees before the large Tokota growled and took off, running in a direction away from it. One human was a lot to handle. A human and possibly more? That was clearly not going to be the case for HIM.

In the blink of an eye, or so it felt, Areiya was alone in the clearing as a deer emerged from the trees. Making eye contact for the briefest of moments, the deer shot off into the trees once again, unwilling to hazard the dangers of being near a human for any reason.

Groaning to herself, the healer ran a hand over her face and looked around her. She had a choice at this point. Follow the Tokota once again, or give up on this task she had set for herself.

The answer came quickly, which admittedly was a little more surprising than she’d have liked to admit. Mulling over her options, it was only moments later before she was starting on the track to follow that Tokota once again. She had already invested this much of herself into this task. What was a few more hours, another mile or two walked and the loss of another sandwich?

At this point it probably didn't even matter. She was far too invested in this venture if only in her pride and those daydreams of having this Toko as a friend were starting to shine pretty brightly - whether that was fortunate or not.

"Well...this will teach me to listen to daydreams like this." Areiya found her lips quirking into a wry smile before she pulled herself back onto the trail and head back to trying to track the creature that seemed to just fully catch her attention so firmly that she could hardly think about anything else now. She wondered if part of this was because she was being denied the first few times she attempted anything, but that made her personality a little more obsessive than she thought it'd be. Perhaps it was more that this was a gift in disguise. She was being afforded the opportunity to focus on something other than her misfortune - and apparently her ability to get lost which she had to admit seemed to be an incredibly strong skill at this point for her.

There was a quick moment where she considered how very uncoveted that skill truly was before she began to pay attention to the area around her. The branches of the trees were rustling in the faint wind and bits of old leaves were thrust into the air, dancing amongst each other in a beautiful display.  The healer understood all too well how much the Tokota probably appreciated the place he lived in yet as the thought struck her, it came to her notice that there was a level of ethical wrongness to what she was doing. That being said, she wasn’t entirely certain what she would be doing with the Tokota if she managed to befriend him.

These were all probably going to have to be thoughts for later.

She sighed inwardly before she ducked under a tree and began to pay closer attention to the ground around her to find the critter who had just been so frightened - or overwhelmed.

The shadows of the trees began covering the pathway as the time ticked by, signifying that it was steadily going into the middle of the afternoon, possibly a bit later when Areiya managed to locate the thing she had been searching so hard for.

Mottled fur, patched with black, the large Tokota was kneeling down to get some water as she came out under the foliage. Instantly, she could see him stiffen and eye her warily in what was obviously a “not you again” sort of gaze. As reply, she found herself just smiling awkwardly, unsure of what she could really do outside of saying hi, I’m here to bother you. Instead, she raised her hands and began approaching the water rather than the canine, making sure her steps were soft and slow so as not to frighten him. There was definitely a fine line in what she was attempting to do here and she’d much rather not have to reason why the world suddenly had to heal the doctor rather than the other way around.

Reaching up to slowly pull her hair from her face, she knelt, pulling water up in her hands (After taking off her gloves) and splashed her face with it. Frigid, it was refreshing and it was enough to rejuvenate her mind to be able to function a little better after a ridiculously stressful, and potentially obsessive day. Pushing her hair back, she dropped her jacket’s hood and looked up at the Tokota with another faint smile on her face.

“Hey. You know. You shouldn’t be so afraid. I’m not going to hurt you anymore than I think you’re planning to hurt me. I don’t think we’re best friends, but I would like you to at least know and acknowledge that. You can, can’t you?”

She settled an arm over a bent knee as she watched him, head turned up and cocked to the side as though willing him to see it her way. All of her mind was trying to will him to accept it, accept her.

“See, I’m not even using ropes or bribes to be friends, am I? That’s got to be better than most others and the way they do things.”

And once again, she felt herself letting him take the next step. It’d do no good to force him after all..none at all.
Drinking water and hope - Taming attempt 4 WM15
Wild tokota's reference sheet (link or thumbnail)…
Handler name: Areiya
Faction (prestige breeder or pack leader): Pack Leader
Tribe (if any):Items or companions (if any): N/a
Previous attempts (if any):

1st Attempt:
2nd Attempt:
3rd Attempt:…
4th attempt: Bam!

Bonuses: 2%+ increased chance for Pack Leaders
Ignored again. Areiya was suddenly struck with the image that this oversized dog was playing an ‘elaborate’ game of cat and mouse. In a way, it was probably entertaining to think that he might be doing just that, but considering she landed nearly right under his paws but a moment ago, he hadn’t taken offence to the movement in the slightest. Instead, it seemed he was more intrigued by the stupid human laying in a pile on the ground trying to speak to him as though it was going to persuade him to do anything at all in regards to her.

It struck Areiya then that he was a regal creature. Stubborn and potentially proud. with a calm look in his eye that told her that he was more willing to calculate things rather than jump to conclusions or worry about every little detail. For some reason, it stirred her fascination with him all the more, particularly since he hadn’t faded into the trees yet this time. She had no way to keep him near her if he didn’t want to be. There were no ropes to snag around his neck or other tokota to keep him cornered while she bribed him with treats or tried to use some other thing he might appreciate and think of as a prize. In fact, there was something special and awe inspiring about the fact that it was just between him and her, and she wasn’t sure she preferred it any other way.

The sunlight struck through the trees, illuminating the ground around them making everything glow in the warm afternoon light. It warmed her cold shoulders and arms slightly as she stood, slowly reaching out to touch the Dire where she had hesitated before. Settling her bare hand beneath his muzzle so he could continue to scent her and not feel threatened, she leaned slowly to the side to inspect the numerous scars he had on face and body. “Let me just make sure you’re alright, yea? I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do.”

And that was a true statement at that. The healer was more than aware how stupid she was being at the moment and how easy it would be for him to make known his displeasure once more. It amazed her yet again how calm he was being, but she couldn’t say if it was only because he was curious or because he was just tired of humans popping out of the forests to bother him - which she was more than certain was the case. When one ran into a Tokota as pretty as this, she was more than certain everyone filed out of the woodwork to bother him repeatedly until someone eventually caught him. It certainly didn’t escape her notice that she was doing the same exact thing to him, and she felt slightly abashed at it.

Well, there was no helping it now, not when she had gotten this far and ran into him again. As long as he didn’t think of her as lunch, she figured she was probably doing pretty well.

Taking a tiny step to the side, Areiya reached forward with her other hand to stroke the fur away from one of the scars to look at it. The growl that followed the motion had her pulling her hand back and sighing before she looked up at him. “Well buddy. You got those a while ago, didn’t you. All healed over and everything for the most part, though I wish you had help so they didn’t get as far as they had. I bet you’ve got one hell of a story don’t you.”

He tilted his head and snorted before taking a step back away from the ‘stupid woman’ who was before him. Pawing at the ground, he knocked a few shrubs aside before meeting her gaze as though the judge in which she’d have to pass in order to make it past this stage in their engagement.

“I wonder what your name is. Though, if you’re hungry….” Areiya reached into her bag and pulled out some food. Sure, it wasn’t treats for him but she did have a sandwich or two, and one of them had originally been meant for Dan. Well, Danaen didn’t have to know that she had it much less that it was gone did she?

Unwrapping it, she offered it to the beast before her just as her stomach chose to growl. Sighing, the healer glanced at her stomach and inwardly groaned. Now even her own body was telling her what a fool’s errand this was, but she didn’t want the bigger guy to think she was regretting this at this point. There WAS another sandwich in her bag, just probably one that wouldn’t be towards his sensibilities.

Well, that was ok. So, smiling, she said, “Here. Go ahead and take it. It’s not a treat or maybe even something delicious, but you can certainly try something new, right?”

Either way, maybe her luck was beginning to change. He hadn’t run off yet and while she was more than certain there was a level of mocking in those lavender eyes, she took it as an overall positive. Besides, what was a fool’s errand without some sort of thing making fun of the fool? Maybe it’d make her closer to the creature anyhow. She’d be downright thrilled if he took the sandwich.

“I’m hungry. You’re bound to be too right?” Hopefully? Maybe? Well, she was guessing but when the tokota made no move she sighed and knelt down, setting the sandwich on the ground in front of him before taking a step back. He now had the power to do what he wanted, but she felt her heart leaping into her throat at the thought that he might actually accept it. At this point in the game, it would feel like the world’s greatest victory.

Areiya guessed she just must be too invested in this to back out now. SOmething told her she was probably going to keep trying to track this guy down until he relented. It was something to focus on other than being hopelessly lost out here and he was certainly beautiful to look at besides.  

So she reached into her bag slowly, noting the suspicious look in the wild beast’s eyes before she held up and unwrapped her own sandwich. Lifting it to her mouth, she took a bite into her own before she gestured at the one she offered him. “It’s not bad. I made it myself and there isn’t a whole lot in there besides meat. The person that was for detests a lot of the things I eat, so I’m sure that’s not going to turn your stomach. Go on, try it.”

Her voice was encouraging and she hoped it was enough to have him accept her gift. She had confidence in her own cooking and ability to prepare things, and admittedly if he had been a guy?This probably would have been entirely different. Most gentlemen leap at the idea of free food.

Well, all she could do at this point was wait. Besides, it was getting warmer at the moment anyhow and she could handle waiting. It wasn’t like she was going to freeze eternally out here after all. She was more than certain her friend would find her by then. The healer just knew that she was clinging to the hope that she’d have a new friend to introduce to them at this rate.
Sharing Lunches - Taming attempt 3 WM15
Wild tokota's reference sheet (link or thumbnail)…
Handler name: Areiya
Faction (prestige breeder or pack leader): Pack Leader
Tribe (if any):Items or companions (if any): N/a
Previous attempts (if any):

1st Attempt:
2nd Attempt:
3rd Attempt: You're here! =D

Bonuses: 2%+ increased chance for Pack Leaders

Hmmm. Trying again. >D
1.   How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Since 2011? I had an account before that but I lost it eons ago. So we'll just say 2011. :P

   2.  What does your username mean?

Several things. The combination of Silverarte breaks down to Silver and Artemis. There's a lot of meaning in the name itself. First off is actually since highschool, I've read up on Greek Mythology and Latin. Artemis was always one of my favorites and a nickname for the classroom. Silver is not only one of my favorite metals, but Artemis's patron metal.

That and I used to use a saying a lot that meant 'The Silver Arrow Flies Quickly and True". It's been a while, so I'd have to look up the exact way it was written. At the time I thought it was pretty profound. Couldn't tell you why....

  3.  Describe yourself in three words.
Kind. Spacey. Loyal.

  4.  Are you left or right handed?

Right handed but I use my left hand pretty well.

  5.  What was your first deviation?

Oh gosh, is this something we even want to go over? And actually, it was a set of sketches that I now cringe to look at. I don't even have them anymore, but I was definitely proud at the time.

6.    What is your favourite type of art to create?

Whatever strikes my fancy really. I suppose the most frequent I do is drawing with either pencil on paper or using my tablet in a graphics program. Charcoal is my favorite of all time, but it's a little harder to get that to show up here. :P

  7.  If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

This one's hard because I'm trying really hard to better what I do now. That being said, I'd love to get much better at realistic drawing. And not just figures but inanimate objects like furniture but also landscapes as well.
  8.  What was your first favourite?

Oh boy. Well, it might be embarassing but this one.
Ivekaesis Iyavere by VagabondSentinel
My sister showed this to me and convinced me I should Deviantart. So, here I am! :iconvagabondsentinel: can be a pest! (I say totally affectionately!)

  9.  What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

I like things that have a lot of color or just a lot of depth in them. I also really like watching improvement, so that's how I do it.

 10.  Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

One of my previous favorites has left Deviant, but of who is left? I'd have to say :Sio64:. Sio is just phenomenal. She's continued to really work hard with her Comic strip despite what the world throws at her.

 11.   If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Mmm. Probably :iconvirenn: and :iconinkdragoncreations:. I still talk to these two all the time and would just gush to meet them in person.

  12.  How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

If I ignore the obvious answers (such as my sister who really did do all of the below)), I'd have to say it's not just one but several who have been really influencial. :iconvirenn::copperheart::leelee2489:
They really helped me figure out this place, but also were encouraging as I tried to improve along. They took the time at different points to explain the hows.

13.    What are your preferred tools to create art?

Charcoal. Dye (for fabric). Tablets, pencils, colored pencils, (computer....)

  14.  What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
If I can find something quiet and serene, like when I sit outside or comfortable like a corner of my house with nothing going on, that's probably the best place for me. I get inspiration everywhere, but it's difficult to just sit and create at times. I take what I can get. :P

  15.  What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Art Trades Group. I'd say this was one of the best groups I was ever a part of and it died when I had to leave Deviant for a time. But there was something just outright amazing about getting a guaranteed Art Trade every single time. I love how people can come together for that kind of thing!

#deviantartistquestionnaire (All for this!)
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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return." -Unknown

Someone once told me that. I don't remember who, but it always tells me and reminds me to never stop trying, striving and working to do better and more.

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